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  • Heat capacity of gadolinium near the Curie temperature. 

    Bednarz, Grzegorz, D. J. W. Geldart, and Mary Anne White. 1993. "Heat capacity of gadolinium near the Curie temperature.." Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 47(21): 14247-14259. Copyright © 1993 American Physical Society.
    High-resoln. ac calorimetric data near the Curie point are reported for several single crystals of gadolinium. The crit. temp. and the shape of the heat-capacity curve near Tc both depend on the sample-prepn. procedure, ...
  • High-resolution, high-sensitive ac calorimeter. 

    Bednarz, Grzegorz, Brian Millier, and Mary Anne White. 1992. "High-resolution, high-sensitive ac calorimeter.." Review of Scientific Instruments 63(8): 3944-3952.
    A high-resoln., high-sensitivity, automated ac calorimeter capable of heat capacity measurements of very small samples (m < 20 mg) with a temp. resoln. of a few mK in the ac mode is described. This calorimeter also can be ...