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C.A.M.C.: Military Section of C.M.A. (1)
Cameron, John (1)
Cameron, William Golding (1)
Campbell, J.G.D. (1)
Canada. Department of Pensions and National Health (1)
Canada. Department of Public Statistics (1)
Canadian Army Medical Corps (1)
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (1)
Canadian Cancer Society (1)
Canadian Cancer Society, The [From the Canadian Medical Association Journal, March, 1946] (1)
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (1)
Canadian Medical Association (2)
Canadian Medical Protective Association (1)
Canadian Public Health Association. Atlantic Branch (1)
Cancer "Institute", A (1)
Cancer and the clinician (1)
Cape Breton Medical Society (1)
Carcinoma of the caecum and left colon [Summary of paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the MSNS, Kentville, N.S., July 7, 1943] (1)
Carcinoma of the mouth [Case report] (1)
Carcinoma of the sigmoid [Case report] (1)
Carcinoma of the stomach -- a case report [Title] (1)
Cardiovascular Diseases (2)
Care of hand injuries, Part 6: Open fractures (1)
Carney, Michael James (2)
Cathie, John L. (1)
Cervical ribs and the scalenus syndrome [Title] (1)
Charman, John Herbert (1)
Check-off system (1)
Chipman, C.D. (1)
Chlorpromazine (1)
Clinical aspects of malignant melanoma (1)
Coburn, Major F.E. (1)
Cochrane, William A. (2)
Cogswell, Arthur Wellesley (1)
Colchester-East Hants Medical Society (1)
Colliery doctor (1)
Combined meeting of the Dalhousie Medical School Refresher Course and the Medical Society of Nova Scotia (1)
Comments on peroral endoscopy [Presented before a joint session of the Ophthalmological and Otolaryngological Societies of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Halifax, N.S., November 21, 1951] [Title] (1)
Conferences (2)
Cost of medical and dental care (1)
Coward, Norman Barrie (1)
Cox, George Hastings (1)
Crowell, Bowman C. (1)
Curry, W. Alan (2)
Curry, W. Allen (1)