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  • Correlations among Fertility Components Can Maintain Mixed Mating in Plants 

    Johnston, Mark Owen; Porcher, Emmanuelle; Cheptou, Pierre-Olivier; Eckert, Christopher G.; Elle, Elizabeth; Geber, Monica A.; Kalisz, Susan; Kelly, John K.; Moeller, David A.; Vallejo-Marin, Mario; Winn, Alice A. (2009-01)
    Classical models studying the evolution of self-fertilization in plants conclude that only complete selfing and complete outcrossing are evolutionarily stable. In contrast with this prediction, 42% of seed-plant species ...
  • Pollen limitation of plant reproduction: Ecological and evolutionary causes and consequences 

    Ashman, TL; Knight, TM; Steets, JA; Amarasekare, P.; Burd, M.; Campbell, DR; Dudash, MR; Johnston, Mark Owen; Mazer, SJ; Mitchell, RJ; Morgan, MT; Wilson, WG (2004-09)
    Determining whether seed production is pollen limited has been an area of intensive empirical study over the last two decades. Yet current evidence does not allow satisfactory assessment of the causes or consequences of ...