Recent Submissions

  • Front Matter 

    Unknown author (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
  • Lichens of Scatarie Island Wilderness Area 

    Cameron, Robert P.; Maass, Wolfgang; Anderson, Frances (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
    In 2001, 2005 and 2007 sixty-one species of lichens were collected from Scatarie Island. Over half the species had a boreal or arctic distribution and slightly less than half had a coastal affinity. New records include ...
  • A Checklist of Vascular Plants from Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia 

    Ferrier, Jonathan; MacDonald, A. Andrew M.; Taylor, Barry R. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
    A vascular plant survey of Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia was conducted from 8 to 11 August 2005. Our expedition gathered 77 vascular plant collections that were deposited in the Saint Francis Xavier (STFX) and Cape Breton ...
  • Freshwater and Intertidal Fishes of Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia 

    Mitchell, S.C. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
    Intertidal and shallow subtidal marine fish communities are largely undocumented in Atlantic Canada, as is the freshwater fish distribution on islands in this area. Accordingly Scatarie Island, off of the northeast coast ...
  • Beetles (Coleoptera) of Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia, Canada 

    Majka, Christopher G.; Townsend, Sheena M.; Aikens, Kathleen R.; Ogden, Jeffrey; MacDonald, A. Andrew M.; McCorquodale, David B. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
    Beetles were collected as part of a biodiversity survey of Scatarie Island. Ninety-four species of Coleoptera have now been recorded from Scatarie Island, including 81 native and 13 introduced Palaearctic species. Seventeen ...
  • Intertidal Invertebrates of Scatarie Island: A Preliminary Species Inventory and Habitat Description 

    White, K.L.; Townsend, S.M.; Reynolds, A.S.; Barrington, E.B. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
    As intertidal habitats of offshore islands remain relatively undocumented compared with their mainland counterparts, we conducted a survey of intertidal habitats on Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia. Two sites at Northwest Cove ...
  • Managing the Scatarie Island Wilderness Area: Introduction to Issues for an Island Protected Area 

    Williams, David; Cameron, Robert P. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2010)
    Scatarie Island is a 1500 ha island off the coast of Cape Breton which contains a variety of habitats and a diversity of plants and animals. Over the last 300 years the island has seen human settlement, use by fishermen ...