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  • Turmeric: Not So Spicy After All 

    Harris, Robert G. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2008)
    Turmeric, also known as saffron Indian, prepared from the rhizome of Curcuma longa L. has an aromatic pepper-like, but somewhat bitter taste and gives curry dishes their characteristic yellowish colour. Curcumin, a non-toxic ...
  • Woodville Ice Cave (Hants County, Nova Scotia) and Notes on the 'Ice Caves' of the Maritime Provinces 

    Moseley, M. (Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 2007)
    Several caves and sinkholes where snow and ice persist well into the summer exist in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In the past they were sometimes used as a source of ice or for cold storage, and are known locally as ‘ice ...