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Established in 1909, the Maritime Students Agriculturist was a subscription based, student created magazine at the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College (NSAC). At that time, there was no agricultural newspaper in Nova Scotia and it was created for the NSAC community and anyone who supported it. The magazine featured articles on the NSAC and items of interests to farmers in the Maritimes (Cox, 1965).

The issues were donated to the NSAC Agricola Collections and range from fair to excellent condition. Some of the issues have missing pages, sections or markings.

According to A History of the Nova Scotia Agricultural College (Cox, 1965), the Maritime Students Agriculturist changed names several times:

  • The Maritime Students Agriculturist: 1908-09 to 1926-27
  • The A.C. Mike: 1927-28
  • N.S.A.C. News 1928-29
  • The A.C. Gateway: 1929-30 to 1934-35
  • The A.C. Herald:1936-37 to 1938-39
  • The A.C. Noise: 1938-39 to 1939-40
  • Agricola: 1940-41 to 1946-47

After 1948, it appeared the publication was replaced with the Year Book called Agricola which has been published annually.

Sample Citation

Payne, H.G. (1926). Potato Growing. Maritime Student's Agriculturist, 19(1), 5-8. Retrieved from


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Alternative Titles
  • The M.S.A.
  • M.S.A.
  • The A.C. Mike
  • The Agricultural College "Gateway"
  • Herald
  • N.S.A.C. Herald


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