Operating from 1996-2013, ACEWH was dedicated to conducting policy-oriented research aimed at improving the health status of Canadian women. ACEWH was one of four national Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health funded by Health Canada through the Women’s Health Contribution Program. Please visit www.dal.ca/acewh for more information.

Collections in this community

  • Abstracts

    A small collection of ACEWH abstracts written for conferences, presentations, and papers.
  • ACEWH Steering Committee

    Operating from 1997-2006, the Steering Committee was a voluntary advisory, providing leadership, support and guidance to the Centre and Executive Director.
  • Administration

    Documents include organizational charts, policies, personnel manuals and revenue charts.
  • Healthy Balance Research Program (HBRP)

    The Healthy Balance Research Program was established in 2001 to better understand the connections between women’s health and well-being, family life and earning a livelihood.
  • History

    Documents include reports and letters supporting ACEWH, highlighting achievements of the Women’s Health Contribution Program (WHCP), proposing coalition and partnership, and discussing the closing of the WHCP.
  • Lunch and Learns

    A small collection of advertisements for lunch and learns hosted and/or presented by the ACEWH.
  • Miscellaneous

    A collection of miscellaneous documents highlighting various initiatives that involved the ACEWH.
  • Posters

    ACEWH Posters
  • Reports and products

    Reports, annotated bibliographies and program scans. Please visit www.dal.ca/acewh for more ACEWH projects and publications.
  • Update Reports

    Various reports providing updates of projects and initiatives.
  • Workshops, Conferences and Symposiums

    A collection of workshops, conferences and symposiums hosted, facilitated, or partnered by ACEWH.

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