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  • Between the Issues, Vol. 26. No. 3 

    Ecology Action Centre; Hall, June; Boardman, Emma; Fuller, Susanna; deGooyer, Kermit; Melville, Crystal; Morrow, Denny; Muir, Catherine; Plourde, Raymond; Rankin, Jocelyne; Simpson, Jamie; Smyth, Donna E.; Thompson, Kim; Woolfrey, Joy; Young, Charlene Boyce (Ecology Action Centre, 2008)
    Publication contains articles pertaining to Georges Bank, uranium, and a variety of other environmental issues.
  • Between the Issues, Vol. 27. No. 3 

    Ecology Action Centre; Beaton, Sadie; Boardman, Emma; Burns, Maggy; Butler, Mark; Corra, Lisa; deGooyer, Kermit; Hall, June; Johnstone, Michael; Rankin, Jocelyne; Rotsztain, Jonathan; Wilson, Janet (Ecology Action Centre, 2009)
    Publication contains articles concerning green forms of employment, deforestation, youth involvement in the development of sustainable housing, and various other environmental concerns.