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  • Between the Issues, Vol 27. No. 1 

    Ecology Action Centre; Beaton, Sadie; Benjamin, Chris; Boardman, Emma; Young, Charlene Boyce; Burns, Maggy; Dickinson, Cheyenne; Fisher, Graeme; Fuller, Susanna; Garrison, Laena; Hall, June; Harpell, Aaron; Kretz, Lisa; Scott, Jen; Jamie, Simpson; Thomas, Amy (Ecology Action Centre, 2009)
    Publication contains articles on reducing food miles, ecological economics, and a various others relating to environmental issues.
  • Between the Issues, Vol. 25. No. 1 

    Ecology Action Centre; Banavage, Meg; Burns, Maggy; Haley, Brendan; Harpell, Aaron; Haywood, Bob; Koblents, Hanita; Hall, June; Joudrey, Catherine; McKibbon, Heather; Nickerson, Richard; Plourde, Ray; Suki, Starfish; Kim, Thompson; Yurko, Jack L. (Ecology Action Centre, 2007)
    Publication contains on how to eco-adventure, how to make energy, how to live on the coast, and various others that relate to environmentalism
  • Between the Issues, Vol. 28. No. 2 

    Ecology Action Centre; Beaton, Sadie; Belanger, Jennifer; Boardman, Emma; Burns, Maggy; Chard, Diana; Hall, June; Harpell, Aaron; McKay, Don; McLean, Nick; Plourde, Raymond; Rankin, Jocelyne; Roberts, Tim; Ross, Sally; Shotwell, Hudson; Vogel, Brennan; Simpson, Jamie; Thompson, Fraser; Thomson, Jamie (Ecology Action Centre, 2010)
    Publication contains articles on groundwater issues, active transportation, and various other environmental issues.
  • Between the Issues, Vol. 30, No. 1 

    Ecology Action Centre; Arnold, Jonathan; Boardman, Emma; Burnbridge, Erin; Burns, Maggie; Fraser, Sam; Fuller, Susanna; Garduño, Carlos; Greenberg, David; Harpell, Aaron; Hunter, Heather; Ruxton, Mike; Oommen, Thom; Pryde, Anne; Rotsztain, Jonathan (Ecology Action Centre, 2012)
    Issue contains articles pertaining to fracking, pesticides, composting, Dark Sky Preserve of the Kejimkujik National Park, and other issues.