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A calamity and a lesson [Title] (1)
A few practical pointers and some case reports [Read at the Refresher Course in Tuberculosis, Nova Scotia Sanatorium, August 2-4, 1939] [Title] (1)
A tribute by a fellow-missionary, Dr. W. Taylor [Reprinted from The Maritime Baptist, February 14, 1940] [Title] (1)
A unique hospital link with the Halifax of yore [Reprinted from The Canadian Hospital, September 1940] [Title] (1)
Accidents, Traffic (1)
Alcohol Drinking (1)
Alimentary response in cardiovascular diseases [Title] (1)
Anaesthesia in chest surgery (1)
Anatomy (1)
Anesthesia (1)
Anti-Bacterial Agents (1)
Anuria in congenital solitary kidney [Title] (1)
Archibald, D.W. (1)
Aspects of fatigue and nerve conduction [Title] (1)
Atlee, Howard Benge (2)
Atom Smasher and cancer (1)
Barium sulphate [Syphilis] (1)
Beckwith, Charles J.W. (1)
Benign extra medullary spinal tumour [Case report] [Title] (1)
Birt, Arthur (1)
Bliss, Gerald Courtney Wentworth (1)
Boyd, Eric (1)
Brown, C. Bruce (1)
Buntain, J. Howard (2)
Burris, Matthew George (1)
Byrne, Thomas Ives (2)
Cameron, Clarence Bain (1)
Cameron, J.J. (1)
Cameron, John Roderic (1)
Campbell, Alexander Rae (1)
Campbell, Donald (1)
Campbell, Donald St. Clair (1)
Campbell, J.G.D. (1)
Canada. Department of National War Services (1)
Canal to life [Title] (1)
Cancer in the epigastrium [Case report] [Title] (1)
Cancer of the stomach [Title] (1)
Cape Breton doctors of the past, and Cape Breton Hospitals of the present [Title] (1)
Capitulation of France, The [Title] (1)
Carbohydrate--intestinal [Case report] [Title] (1)
Cardiovascular Diseases (1)
Carunculous condition treated by estradiol [Case report] [Title] (1)
Case of lymphosarcoma in a child (1)
Casualty clearing station, The [reprinted from Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps Monthly Bulletin, May, June-July, 1940] [Title] (1)
Cerebellar abscess [Case report] [Title] (1)
Chance in small samples [Title] (1)
Charman, Frank Daniel (1)
Chipman, Henry (1)
Chisholm, Hugh A. (1)
Chlorination recommended (1)
Clear truth is this, The [Excerpt from commencement address of President George Nolin of the University of Colorado and printed in Saturday Night, June 29, 1940] [Title], (1)
Clinical amphorisms [Title] (1)
Coates, William O. (1)
Colchester County Hospital, Truro, N.S.[Title] (1)
Colchester County Medical Society (1)
Collapse therapy in bilateral pulmonary tuberculosis [Read before the Halifax Branch, Nova Scotia Medical Society, Nov. 8, 1939] [Title] (1)
Collapse therapy in brief (1)
Colwell, William Gerard (1)
Compensated and uncompensated deafness [Title] (1)
Corbett, Herbert R. (1)
Criminal vs. the crime, The [Title] (1)
Currey, D.V. (1)
Curry, W. Alan (1)
Dalhousie Refresher Course (1)
Dalhousie University. Medical and Dental Library (1)
Davis, F.R. (1)
Dawson, M.H. (1)
Dental clinic in Colchester (1)
DeWitt, C.E. Avery (1)
Diagnosis, Differential (1)
Diagnostic Techniques, Digestive System (1)
Diagnostic Techniques, Neurological (1)
Diphtheria (1)
Diphtheria and its prevention (1)
Disulon in the treatment of gonorrhea [Title] (1)
Dobson, C. Dixon (1)
Doctor of the old school, A [Title] (1)
Doctors of fiction (1)
Donahue, Joseph Anthony (1)
Douglas, G. Ritchie (1)
Dr. William Reginald Morse (1)
Druggists, drugs and doctors [Title] (1)
Drugs (2)
Drunk Driving (1)
Dyer, W.J.J. (1)
Dyer, Wilfred John (1)
Dyspepsia (1)
Earliest physicians of Colchester, The [Published in the Truro News, September 1915, by the late Dr. A.C. Page and prepared for the Bulletin by the late Dr. H.V. Kent of Truro] [Title] (1)
Eaton, Foster Fitch (1)
Eaton, R.B. (1)
Electro-encephalography [Read before the Halifax Medical Society, February 7, 1940] [Title] (1)
Elliott, Malcolm Robertson (1)
Empyema followed by cerebral abscesses [Case report] [Title] (1)
Endometriosis (with a report of a case) [Title] (1)
Equipment and Supplies (1)
Ernst, Victoria Sarah (1)
Errors, Diagnostic (1)
Fifty years ago (1)
Flatulence [Title] (1)
Foot imbalance [Title] (1)