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"An Ancient Mariner" on the Medical Sea (1)
70th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association (1)
A few notes from the general secretary, The [Title] (1)
A report of ten cases [Case report] [Title] (1)
Accidents (1)
Acute perforated appendicitis with multiple complications [Case report] [Title] (1)
Advertisements (12)
Air raid precautions: Medical treatment of gas casualties [from Air Raid Precautions Handbook No. 3] [Published by permission of the Department of Health, Government of Nova Scotia. Copyright] [Title] (1)
Air raid precautions: Medical treatment of gas casualties [from Air Raid Precautions Handbook No. 3] [Published by permission of the Department of Health, Government of Nova Scotia. Copyright] [Title], (1)
American Congress on Obstetrics and Gynecology (2)
Analgesics and hypnotics as ordered in hospital [from the Canadian Hospital, March, 1939] [Title] (1)
Anesthesia (1)
Anorexia nervosa - "Sylphosis" [Case report] [Title] (1)
Another disease from ticks discovered by Federal Health Service [from The Diplomate, March, 1939] (1)
Anticipating cancer [Title] (1)
Antigonish-Guysborough Medical Society (1)
Archibald, Seymour (1)
Are we ready for health insurance? [Title] (1)
Association, Digby, N.S., July 1939] [Title] (1)
Bacterial Infections (5)
Banks, Herbert Huntington (2)
Beckwith, Charles J.W. (1)
Belliveau, Pierre E. (1)
Birt, Arthur (1)
Bliss, Gerald Courtney Wentworth (2)
Blood pressure changes in coronary occlusion [Case report] [Title] (1)
Bogart, John Bion (1)
Burns, Gerald Ross (2)
Burnside, Margaret Elizabeth (1)
Burton, George Victor (1)
Canadian Medical Association (1)
Canadian Society for the Control of Cancer (1)
Cancer of the uterus [delivered at the Dalhousie Refresher COurse, Halifax, N.S., August 31, 1939] [Title] (1)
Cancer organization in Canada [Title] (1)
Cancer Prevention (1)
Cape Breton brawn [Title] (1)
Cape Breton Medical Society (1)
Cardiovascular Diseases (2)
Cardiovascular System (1)
Case of early renal tuberculosis, A [Case report] [Title] (1)
Case of extrinsic cancer of the larynx [Case report] [Title] (1)
Case of lipoid nephrosis treated with Lugol's Iodine [Case report] [Title] (1)
Case of perirenal infection simulating neoplasm, A [Case report] [Title] (1)
Cavernous sinus thrombosis of otitic origin [Case report] [Title] (1)
Cerebrovascular Disorders (1)
Certification of causes of death, The [Title] (1)
Chemical Warfare Agents (1)
Chemotherapy [Title] (1)
Chemotherapy in combination with immunotherapy [from the British Medical Journal, April 1, 1939] [Title] (1)
Children's Memorial Hospital, Montreal (1)
Chisholm, A.W. (1)
Coady, Basil Kenneth (1)
Colchester-East Hants Medical Society (1)
Colwell, William Gerard (1)
Common types of ostomies [information form E.R. Squibb and Sons, Inc.],NSMB 60(1981):1:24-27 Communicable Disease Control (1)
Communicated or induced psychoses with case reports [Title] (1)
Congestive heart failure (Cardiac insufficiency) [Title] (1)
Control of open cases of tuberculosis [Letter to Health Officers' Association of Nova Scotia] (1)
Corbett, John Robert (1)
Costs, Hospital (1)
Coward, Norman Barrie (1)
Crummey, Clarence B. (1)
Cunningham, Allister L. (1)
Curry, W. Alan (1)
Dagenan M&B 693 in the treatment of lobar pneumonia (1)
Dalhousie Loyalty Fund (1)
Dalhousie University (1)
Dalhousie University. Faculty of Medicine (1)
Davson, Hugh (1)
Day, Frederick C. (1)
DeWitt, C.E. Avery (1)
Diagnosis of chronic arthritis, The [Title] (1)
Diagnostic Techniques, Digestive System (1)
Digestive System Diseases (3)
Dinsmore, John D. (1)
Diphtheria (1)
Doctor gets $20 weekly: ban is cause (1)
Doctor, where's your scissors? [Title] (1)
Doull, A. Ernest (1)
Dr. Murphy as an author (1)
Drug Costs (1)
Dyspepsia (1)
Eagles, Eldon Lewis (1)
Eating Disorders (1)
Eaton, Elizabeth C. (1)
Eaton, Foster Fitch (1)
Eaton, R.B. (2)
Education, Medical (1)
Effect of labour on the uterus, The [Title] (1)
Effect of some organic arsenicals and bismuth on liver function (Bromsulphalein Test), The [Work was carried out at Dalhousie University under the direction of Dr. N.B. Dreyer, formerly professor of pharmacology. It was made possible by a Banting Research Foundation Fellowship] [Title] (1)
Eighty-sixth annual meeting, The [Title] (1)
Endotracheal anaesthesia and ear, nose and throat surgery [Title] (1)
Evolution (1)
Extensive second and third degree burns [Case report] [Title] (1)
Extrapleural pneumothorax [Read before the Annual Meeting of the Maritime Tuberculosis Association, Sept. 20, 1938] [Title] (1)
Eye Diseases (1)
Faulkner, E.Ross (1)
Finding and controlling carriers [Title] (1)
Folie a deux (1)
Forrest, William Duff (1)