Recent Submissions

  • Maintain a List of Your Works in RefWorks 

    MacNairn, Gwendolyn (2011-09-14)
    If you need to generate a list of your own publications for various grant applications, consider keeping a current list within RefWorks. You can output your list in multiple styles and also attach PDFs. This is a real time-saver!
  • Feed Your Need to Read (RSS) 

    MacNairn, Gwendolyn (2011-09-14)
    Reading articles from your favourite journals gets a bit easier when you have the Contents sent to you as an RSS feed. To do this, you need to select a specialized application called an RSS feed reader, create an account, ...
  • Library On the Go! 

    Neves, Karen (2011-09-12)
    WorldCat, RefWorks, subject guides, health resources—the Libraries have a lot to offer that’s mobile-friendly. Find out how much of your research you can do on the go!
  • Create Persistent URLs to Library Resources 

    Barrett, Ann (2011-09-08)
    Have you ever captured URLs from electronic articles, databases or ebooks for your students, only to have the link not work when they tried to access the resource later? URLs are often not 'persistent' or 'durable' when ...
  • Document Delivery: Need It? Get It! 

    Pace, Gwyn (2011-09-08)
    Our Document Delivery Service obtains material not held at Dalhousie which you or your students need for your research. Find out how to register for the service, the options for submitting requests, delivery methods and more.
  • Statistics Canada Microdata: The Equinox Interface 

    Ross, Phyllis (2011-09-08)
    Learn how to retrieve public use microdata yourself via this simple extractor for use with SPSS, SAS, or STATA.
  • Expand Your Reach with Open Access: BioMedCentral 

    Ruggles, Tim (2011-09-08)
    BioMed Central is a Science, Technology and Medicine publisher which has pioneered the open access publishing model. Many of its journals have achieved high impact factors, and Dalhousie Libraries have lowered the cost for ...
  • Enrich Your Courses with Primary Archival Resources 

    Barrett, Creighton (2011-09-08)
    The Dalhousie University Archives holds a wide variety of collections in a broad number of thematic areas including history, theatre, film, literature, business, medicine, law and ocean studies. Find out how we’ve worked ...