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  • The Analysis of Online Communities using Interactive Content-based Social Networks 

    Gruzd, Anatoliy; Haythornthwaite, Caroline (2008)
    Today the Internet has become a convenient and ubiquitous platform for anyone with access to publish their thoughts and ideas, express their opinions, argue with their peers on various issues and, most importantly, organize ...
  • Analyzing Networked Learning Texts 

    Haythornthwaite, Caroline; Gruzd, Anatoliy (2008)
    Social interactions are essential in understanding the collaborative processes in networked learning environments. Although individuals may learn by retrieving information from online archives, dictionaries and ...
  • Automated Discovery and Analysis of Social Networks from Threaded Discussions 

    Gruzd, Anatoliy; Haythornthwaite, Caroline (2008)
    To gain greater insight into the operation of online social networks, we applied Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to text-based communication to identify and describe underlying social structures in online ...