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    Diabetic diets [Compiled by G.B. Wiswell, M.D., and used on the wards of The Children's Hospital] [Title [1]
    Diabetic neuritis [Case report] [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis [16]
    Diagnosis and management of rheumatic fever in children [From Medical Abstracts, April 1956] [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the skin by the dermatologist [Paper presented at Dalhousie Refresher Course, Halifax, N.S., October 25, 1954] [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis and treatment of coronary unsufficiency, The [Presented at the Annual Meeting of the MSNS, Yarmouth, N.S., September, 1952] [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis and treatment of jaundice in the first week [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis and treatment of the common forms of arthritis [from a talk under the auspices of the Victoria General Hospital Postgraduate Committee, January 12, 1953] [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis in the child [1]
    Diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction, The [Read at the 96th Annual Meeting of the MSNS, White Point Beach, N.S., September 7, 1949] [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis of chronic arthritis, The [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis of ectopic gestation, The [Title] [1]
    Diagnosis of focal infection [1]
    Diagnosis of syphilis: Muller's conglobation reaction [1]
    Diagnosis, Differential [14]
    Diagnostic approach to diseases of the lungs [Title] [Dalhousie Refresher Course, 1947, Symposium on non-tuberculous diseases of the chest [1]
    Diagnostic Imaging [10]
    Diagnostic reagents and test kits [1]
    Diagnostic Standards and Classification of Tuberculosis [1]
    Diagnostic Techniques [2]