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dc.identifier.citationSample citation: Payne, H.G. (1926). Potato Growing. Maritime Student's Agriculturist, 19(1), 5-8. Retrieved from
dc.descriptionThis issue contains articles pertaining to: agriculture, cattle, underdrainage, cheese-making and student life. Examples of articles include: "Farm Cheese-Making", "A Fish Story", "Underdrainage Operations" and "Summer Fallow in Conserving Soil Moisture."
dc.format23 pages : black and white illustrations, 25 cm.
dc.subjectNova Scotia Agricultural College
dc.subjectcollege activities
dc.subjectstudent life
dc.subjectcheese making
dc.subjectsoil moisture
dc.subjectcattle feeding
dc.titleThe Maritime Students' Agriculturist, Vol.3, No. 4, 1911
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