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  • An Analytical Approach to Assess Quality Control Sample Sizes of Cement-Based Solidification/Stabilization 

    Publisher's version: Liza, R., Fenton, G.A, Lake, C.B., Griffiths, D.V. 2015. An analytical approach to assess quality control sample sizes of cement-based solidification/stabilization, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 52:1620-1628. doi:10.1139/cgj-2016-0218.
    This paper presents an analytical approach to selecting the sample size required to achieve acceptable quality control in a cement-based solidification/stabilization construction cell program intended for the treatment/containment ...
  • Statistical Sample Size for Quality Control Programs of Cement-Based Solidification/Stabilization 

    Fenton, G.A, Liza, R., Lake, C.B., Menzies, T., Griffiths, D.V. 2015. Statistical sample size for quality control programs of cement-based solidification/stabilization, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 52(10): 1620–1628,
    Sampling requirements for the quality control (QC) of cement-based solidification/stabilization (S/S) construction cells do not currently specify the sample size considering the accuracy of the estimated effective hydraulic ...