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  • Keeping an Eye on Things: Attention, Tracking and Coherence-Building 

    Bridgeman, Teresa (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2004)
    Much has been written about the way in which narrative sequences operate in BD, not least by Eisner, and McCloud. Such approaches, despite their subtleties, presuppose a model of narrative in which actions or events are ...
  • Persepolis et les révolutions de Marjane Satrapi 

    Carrier, Melanie (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2004)
    This article examines some of the autorepresentational strategies in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis. The first section deals with the generic aspect of the tale and the institutional and cultural position of its autobiographical ...
  • The Translation's Visibility: David B.'s L'Ascension du Haut Mal in Italy 

    Rota, Valerio (Dalhousie University. Electronic Text Centre, 2004)
    Comics are published all over the world in different formats, which peculiarly characterize each national production. Translating a comic, then, means to cope with cultural aspects: how can a French album, that is a ...