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  • Structure-activity analysis of quorum-sensing signaling peptides from Streptococcus mutans 

    Syvitski, Raymond T.; Tian, Xiao-Lin; Sampara, Kamal; Salman, Alan; Lee, Song F.; Jakeman, David L.; Li, Yung-Hua (2007-02)
    Streptococcus mutans secretes and utilizes a 21-amino-acid signaling peptide pheromone to initiate quorum sensing for genetic competence, biofilm formation, stress responses, and bacteriocin production. In this study, we ...
  • Universal intermittent properties of particle trajectories in highly turbulent flows 

    Arneodo, A.; Benzi, R.; Berg, J.; Biferale, L.; Bodenschatz, E.; Busse, A.; Calzavarini, E.; Castaing, B.; Cencini, M.; Chevillard, L.; Fisher, R. T.; Grauer, R.; Homann, H.; Lamb, D.; Lanotte, A. S.; Leveque, E.; Luthi, B.; Mann, J.; Mordant, N.; Muller, W. C.; Ott, S.; Ouellette, N. T.; Pinton, J. F.; Pope, S. B.; Roux, S. G.; Toschi, F.; Xu, H.; Yeung, P. K.; International Collaboration for Turbulence Research (2008-06)
    We present a collection of eight data sets from state-of-the-art experiments and numerical simulations on turbulent velocity statistics along particle trajectories obtained in different flows with Reynolds numbers in ...