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  • Between the Issues, Vol. 25. No. 2 

    Ecology Action Centre; Musselman, Robin; Hall, Jane; Joudrey, Catherine; Pederson, Andy; Pierce, Elizabeth; Cameron, Peggy; Moynihan, Kevin; Beaton, Sadie; Thurston, Harry; Rowberry, Ian; Fuller, Susanna; Burns, Maggie; Sodero, Stephanie; Graham, Jennifer; Gamberg, Ruth; Hermanek, Hana; Starfish, Suki (Ecology Action Centre, 2007)
    Publication contains articles on sustainability, plastic, and various environmental concerns.
  • Between the Issues, Vol. 29. No. 2 

    Ecology Action Centre; Boardman, Emma; Burbidge, Erin; Burns, Maggy; Fotheringham, Scott; Fuller, Susanna; Hall, June; Lee, Nanci; Oommen, Thom; Roberts, Tim; Ross, Katrina; Rotsztain, Jonathan; Ruxton, Mike; Surette, Ralph; Thurston, Harry (Ecology Action Centre, 2011)
    40th Anniversary issue. Publication contains articles on EAC history, becoming an environmentalist, and various other articles relating to environmentalism.