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  • Between the Issues, Vol. 14. No. 3 

    Ecology Action Centre; Brooks, Lynn; Butler, Mark; Corbin, Anne; Gifford, Brian; Granastein, Martha; Greenhavens, Elizabeth; Hall, June; Kelly, Sean; Luques, Daniel; Post, Deborah; Ruxton, Mike; Sherwood, Veronica; Wood, Ronald (Ecology Action Centre, 1996)
    25 Year Anniversary issue. Publication contains articles pertaining to the history of EAC.
  • Between the Issues, Vol. 23. No. 2 

    Ecology Action Centre; Albarda, Hans; Boardman, Emma; Brooks, Lynn; Burns, Maggie; Butler, Mark; Cameron, Peggy; Fuller, Susanna; Graham, Jen; Hall, June; MacAskill, Gregor; O'Brien, Rebecca; Plourde, Raymonde; Scott, Jen (Ecology Action Centre, 2005)
    Publication contains articles on lawns, the cost of transporting food, and a variety of other articles that pertain to environmental issues.