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  • Spatiotemporal Patterns in Nest Box Occupancy by Tree Swallows Across North America 

    Shutler, Dave; Hussell, David J. T.; Norris, D. R.; Winkler, David W.; Robertson, Raleigh J.; Bonier, Frances; Rendell, Wallace B.; Belisle, Marc; Clark, Robert G.; Dawson, Russell D.; Wheelwright, Nathaniel T.; Lombardo, Michael P.; Thorpe, Patrick A.; Truan, Melanie A.; Walsh, Robert; Leonard, Marty L.; Horn, Andrew G.; Vleck, Carol M.; Vleck, David; Rose, Alexandra P.; Whittingham, Linda A.; Dunn, Peter O.; Hobson, Keith A.; Stanback, Mark T. (2012-06)
    Data from the North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) suggest that populations of aerial insectivorous birds are declining, particularly in northeastern regions of the continent, and particularly since the mid-1980s. ...