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  • Narrative as Ethos: A Method for Adaptive Reuse 

    Urquhart, Gregory (2019-04-05)
    This thesis proposes a method of studying architectural heritage that develops a narrative as an adaptive reuse methodology of conservation to discover what is truly valued within a heritage site. The personification of ...
  • The Role of Sexual Violence in Shaping Women's Understanding of Possibility 

    Whitmore, Erin (2021-06-16)
    This thesis examines women’s understandings of the relationship between sexual violence and their expectations for the future. Rooted in an anti-oppressive feminist theoretical framework, this thesis uses narrative inquiry ...
  • Spatial Agencies: Superimposing Media and Architecture in Public Space 

    Gerrits, Adrienne (2015)
    This thesis reconsiders several major urban elements in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It focuses on the original town square (the Grand Parade) and the adjacent main street (Barrington Street) that runs along the Peninsula. ...