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  • Active Learning with Visualization 

    Huang, Lulu
    Labeled datasets are limited even though data nowadays are produced with an incredible speed. This affects automatic machine learning methods, especially supervised learning, which requires labels to generate valuable ...
  • Call-For-Papers Retrieval System based on Active Learning and Semantic Similarity 

    Chen, Sitong
    Choosing an appropriate conference or symposium is the key in publishing a scientific work. We propose a Call-For-Papers Retrieval System (CRS) which provides a list of relevant calls for papers given the textual content ...
  • Streaming Network Traffic Analysis Using Active Learning 

    Morgan, Jillian (2015-04-07)
    The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the performance of different budgeting strategies, as well as an Adaptive Neural Network, in analyzing streaming network traffic, specifically, for the purpose of detecting malicious/botnet ...