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  • City in Motion: Anchoring Vancouver’s Active Transit Network 

    Schmidt, Josh (2022-04-19)
    This thesis examines Vancouver’s transportation networks and their impact on city-building to inform the design of an active mobility trailhead at the False Creek Flats. The proposal argues the social benefits of intersecting ...
  • Our common roads 

    Murphy, Martin, 1832-1926; Nova Scotian Institute of Natural Science (WM. MacNab, 1890)
  • Subdivided and Reconnected: Community Integrated Transportation Hubs as a Response to Car-Centric Growth 

    Petersson, Jason (2022-07-07)
    In little over a century Calgary has gone from pioneer beginnings to an expansive urban area. The City of Calgary’s policies have fostered the conditions for automobile-dominated, single-use and low-density neighbourhoods. ...
  • Urban Intercurrence: The Struggle to Build Walkable Downtowns in Car-Dependent Suburbia 

    Cleveland, Tristan (2023-04-28)
    An increasing number of cities in Canada and the United States hope to retrofit car- dependent suburban areas into walkable, transit-oriented communities to achieve goals related to health, sustainability, and economic ...
  • Wheel Carriages 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-24)
    In this journal by James Dinwiddie, he discusses wheel carriages and their design. He discusses the relationship between wheels and axles as well as the different sizes required by different vehicles. This file consists ...