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  • Biological husbandry and the "nitrogen problem" 

    Patriquin, David G. (Biological Agriculture and Horticulture, 1986)
    Since 1978, the author has been conducting research into the theory and practice of biological husbandry in collaboration with a farmer who stopped using pesticides and mineral fertilizers in 1976. Eggs are exported from ...
  • The ecology of transition 

    Patriquin, David G. (COGnition (Eco-Farm & Garden), 1988)
    A popular account of scientific research on the processes involved in the transition of a mixed laying hen-grain farm In the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia from conventional to organic management.
  • Observations on a mixed farm during the transition to biological husbandry 

    Patriquin, David G.; Hill, N.M.; Baines, D.; Bishop, M.; Allen, G. (2011-01-19)
    Tunwath is a mixed farm (laying hens-grains) located in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, in a cool humid temperate zone. It includes about 2100 laying hens, 35 hectares of field crops and additional garden, pasture, hay ...
  • A Phenomenological Study Exploring the Experiences of Flourishing Among University Students Transitioning Directly from High School 

    Volstad, Christina (2019-03-26)
    This study explored the experiences of flourishing, among first year university students making the transition directly from high school, to develop a beginning understanding of 1) the factors that promote flourishing ...