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  • Effect of the nonlinearity of the carbonate system on partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the oceans 

    Trela, P.; Sathyendranath, S.; Moore, R. M.; Kelley, DE (1995-04)
    Partial pressure of CO sub(2) is a nonlinear function of several seawater properties. Due to the nonlinearity in this relationship, the partial pressure of a uniform ocean would be different from that of a nonuniform ocean ...
  • Fatty acids as dietary tracers in benthic food webs 

    Kelly, Jennifer R.; Scheibling, Robert Eric (Inter-Research, Nordbuente 23 Oldendorf/Luhe 21385 Germany, 2011)
    Fatty acid (FA) analysis is a well-established tool for studying trophic interactions in marine habitats. However, its application to benthic food webs poses 2 particular challenges. First, unlike pelagic zooplankton, ...