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  • Human Sensitivity to Minimal Auditory Temporal Irregularities 

    Ovens, Laura (2014-07-23)
    The objective of the present study was to characterize the temporal processing abilities of healthy adults using a modified jitter paradigm in which only a single click in 25-click train stimuli had been displaced. It was ...
  • Imprints of the Everyday: Architecture for Incremental Interventions 

    Pop, Anita (2021-08-19)
    Urban erasure, as a result of tabula rasa redevelopments and the privatization of public spaces within London, are wiping out the idiosyncratic imprints of the city’s inhabitants. Through unfolding the power of ephemeral ...
  • Landscapes of Memory: A Study of Memorialization in Northern Uganda 

    Ovonji-odida, Philippa Keri (2016-04-08)
    In the Western world today, memorialization typically occurs at ‘sites of memory’, such as monuments and museums, where people go to remember or learn about the events being commemorated. This approach to memorialization ...