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  • Mechanisms Influencing the Timing and Success of Reproductive Migration in a Capital Breeding Semelparous Fish Species, the Sockeye Salmon 

    Crossin, Glenn Terrence; Hinch, Scott G.; Cooke, Steven J.; Cooperman, Michael S.; Patterson, David A.; Welch, David W.; Hanson, Kyle C.; Olsson, Ivan; English, Karl K.; Farrell, Anthony P. (University of Chicago Press, P.O. Box 37005 Chicago IL 60637 USA, [], [URL:], 2009)
    Two populations of homing sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka; Adams and Chilko) were intercepted in the marine approaches around the northern and southern ends of Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada) en route to ...
  • Pacific Salmon in Hot Water: Applying Aerobic Scope Models and Biotelemetry to Predict the Success of Spawning Migrations 

    Farrell, A. P.; Hinch, S. G.; Cooke, S. J.; Patterson, DA; Crossin, Glenn Terrence; Lapointe, M.; Mathes, M. T. (University of Chicago Press, P.O. Box 37005 Chicago IL 60637 USA, [], [URL:], 2008-12)
    Concern over global climate change is widespread, but quantifying relationships between temperature change and animal fitness has been a challenge for scientists. Our approach to this challenge was to study migratory ...