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  • Community and High-Density Housing: An Architecture of Social Capital 

    Holland, Marc (2015)
    This thesis examines community development at high-densities in Vancouver, British Columbia. It understands community development through the lens of bridging and bonding social capital and their related social network ...

    Vautour, Celeste (2014-04-03)
    Competitive Diffusion is a recently introduced game-theoretic model for the spread of information through social networks. The model is a game on a graph with external players trying to reach the most vertices. In this ...
  • Subgraph Methods for Comparing Complex Networks 

    Hurshman, Matthew (2013-04-05)
    An increasing number of models have been proposed to explain the link structure observed in complex networks. The central problem addressed in this thesis is: how do we select the best model? The model-selection method we ...