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  • Plasmonics in Semiconductors 

    Chochol, Jan
    This thesis establishes a mathematical, physical and experimental framework for description, characterization, and application of semiconductor plasmonic properties. Plasmonic phenomena in semiconductors are found in the ...

    Eldlio, Mohamed
    As the typical size of electronic devices approaches the nanometer range, the size mismatch between such devices and optical components—which are typically in the micrometer range—poses a challenge for the two technologies ...
  • Surface-induced quantum density oscillations in the presence of an external magnetic field 

    Geldart, D. J. W.; Gumbs, G.; Glasser, M. L. (1985-03/15)
    The electron number density and spin density near the surface of a model metal, semimetal, or semiconductor are calculated in the presence of a uniform magnetic field. The magnetic field is applied in a direction perpendicular ...