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  • Freedom and the Good: A Study of Plotinus' Ennead VI.8 [39] 

    Higgins-Brake, Aaron
    This thesis investigates Plotinus’ Ennead VI.8 [39] with a view to reevaluating what scholars have frequently considered to be the problematic implications of his metaphysical thought, and, in particular, Plotinus’ supposed ...
  • The Immaterial Theurgy of Boethius 

    Curran, Martin H. (2012-08-28)
    This thesis is an attempt to understand the efficacy of prayer in Boethius’ 'Consolation of Philosophy.' Prayer is man’s commercium with the divine realm, and so prayer is higher than human thought. The highest stage of ...
  • Systematic Theology: Iamblichus' Reception of Plotinian Psychology 

    McAllister, Nathan
    The following inquiry seeks to demonstrate that Iamblichus’ account of theurgy, rather than an example of a theological critique emerging from outside of the Platonic school, represents a development of the tradition as ...