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  • Aristotle's Concept of Analogy and its Function in the Metaphysics 

    Edwards, Alexander (2016-08-31)
    This thesis aims to settle an old dispute concerning Aristotle’s concept of analogy and its function in the Metaphysics. The question is whether Aristotle’s theory of pros hen legomena, things predicated in reference to ...
  • The Doctrine of Due Measure in Plato's Statesman 

    Cochran, William (2011-09-06)
    This thesis examines the extent to which the doctrine of due measure can be rightfully called the skopos of Plato’s Statesman. In order to determine the doctrine’s explanatory power, the thesis adopts the Neoplatonic method ...
  • Matter and the One in Proclus 

    Vanderkwaak, Matthew (2018-08-27)
    The purpose of this thesis is to describe the relation between matter and the One in the philosophy of Proclus, and to discover how, by their relation, all things exist. The difficulty of this task is that matter and the ...
  • The Metaphysical Origin of the Two-Fold Conception of Human Selfhood in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics 

    Gerbasi, Joseph (2014-08-25)
    This thesis aims to unearth the root of the apparent contradiction in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics between the endorsement of the life devoted to, on the one hand, the practical good, and, on the other hand, the theoretical ...
  • Metaphysics, No. 1 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-22)
    These lecture notes written by James Dinwiddie ca. 1793 focus on metaphysics and various philosophical questions. This file consists of two pages.
  • Musical Works Without Musical Works: An Essay in Ontology 

    Hilland, Sanborn (2013-08-26)
    This thesis provides an answer to the question, “what is a musical work?” I begin by canvasing four of the leading accounts in the literature, two Platonist theories and two Nominalist theories. Nominalism is, I suggest, ...
  • Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin 11(8), 1932 

    Medical Society of Nova Scotia (Halifax, Medical Society of Nova Scotia, 1932)
  • The Unity of Substance in Aristotle's Metaphysics ? 

    Togni, Luke (2011-12-16)
    This thesis investigates whether Aristotle is actually presenting substance as the subject of a single science in Metaphysics ?. It proposes that he is, and that the common principles of all substances, which are required ...