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  • Introduction; Mechanics 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-23)
    These notes written by James Dinwiddie focus on topics in mechanics such as gravity, momentum, compound engines, and Ferguson's machine as well as matter, magnetism, electric shock, and capillary action in the introductory ...
  • Jan 1, 1811 ; May 31, 1811 

    Royal Institution (2009-07-28)
    Two letters to James Dinwiddie from the Royal Institution dated Jan 1 and May 31, 1811.
  • Mechanics, No. 1,2; Instruments; Experiments, No. 1-4 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-22)
    These notes written by James Dinwiddie in 1786 focus on mechanics, instruments, and experiments. He touches on forces and motion in the mechanics section and mentions thermometers, pumps, and pendula in the instruments ...
  • N/D 

    [Projiet], Peter (2009-07-28)
    One letter to James Dinwiddie from Peter Projiet, date unknown.
  • Notes on a Course of Lectures on Natural Philosophy, No. 3 - Mechanics 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-21)
    These lecture notes written by James Dinwiddie ca. 1793 discuss natural philosophy with a focus on topics in physics including mechanics, simple machines, and friction. This file consists of 25 pages of lecture notes.
  • Questions; Mechanics; Of Central Forces 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-23)
    This series of notes written by James Dinwiddie begins with a series of questions and answers related to various topics in physics. The notes continue with a series of questions and answers in mechanics followed by expanded ...
  • Regional Variations in the Molecular Structure and Mechanics of the Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Annulus 

    Herod, Tyler (2019-04-05)
    Despite the prevalence of lumbar intervertebral disc related pathologies, fundamental aspects of the structure and mechanics of healthy discs remain unexplored. Little is known about whether the collagen structure of the ...
  • The Role of Altered Calcium-Handling in Mechanically-Induced Arrhythmias During Acute Regional Ischemia 

    Baumeister, Peter (2016-06-27)
    Sudden Cardiac Death, a leading cause of death in Canada, commonly occurs as a result of arrhythmias occurring in the first hour of acute regional ischemia (ARI) after coronary artery occlusion. The mechanisms by which ARI ...