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  • The Impediments of Inheritance: Living with the Legacies of Irish History in John McGahern's Early Novels 

    Fontaine, Michael (2014-08-14)
    In this thesis I argue that John McGahern’s early novels treat the rampant social despondency of mid-twentieth-century Ireland by revealing its roots in the social and political changes of the early twentieth century. I ...
  • Ireland's New Losers: Contemporary Irish Fiction and the Ethos of Failure 

    Fontaine, Michael (2021-01-07)
    The figure of the “loser” has become something of a staple in recent Irish fiction, especially fiction dealing with the major sociocultural transformations and crises that have taken place in Ireland in the last quarter ...
  • The Irish in Halifax, 1836-1871 : A Study in Ethnic Assimilation 

    Punch, Terrence Michael (1976)
    The mass emigration of rural peasants to the urban communities of America and Britain is a central episode in the history of nineteenth-century Ireland. The development of an Irish community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is one ...
  • July 23, 1783 - Nov 28, 1790 

    Henderson, Logan (2009-07-28)
    Seventeen letters to James Dinwiddie from Logan Henderson dated July 23, 1783 - Nov 28, 1790.
  • Nov 1, 1789 - Feb 18, 1790 

    Henderson, Margaret (2009-07-28)
    Three letters to James Dinwiddie from Margaret Henderson Nov 1, 1789 to Feb 18, 1790.
  • October 30, 1779 

    Kellock, Wm; Anderson, I (2009-12-15)
    A letter from Wm. Kellock, with an addition by I. Anderson to James Dinwiddie dated October 30, 1779.
  • Sept 9, 1783 

    Spalding, Charles (2009-07-28)
    One letter to James Dinwiddie from Charles Spalding dated Sept 9, 1783.