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  • Landscapes of Memory: A Study of Memorialization in Northern Uganda 

    Ovonji-odida, Philippa Keri
    In the Western world today, memorialization typically occurs at ‘sites of memory’, such as monuments and museums, where people go to remember or learn about the events being commemorated. This approach to memorialization ...
  • NU Healing: Empowering the Margin(alized) 

    Peacock, Anders
    The correctional system in Nunavut ignores the systemic social dysfunction underlying criminality in the Territory that has been the result of several generations of social and cultural displacement. As a physical manifestation ...
  • A Place for Healing: Architecture as Intermediary Between Nature and the Healing Child 

    Bolen, Alexandra (2012-08-22)
    This thesis investigates the difficult reality of children faced with illness, necessitating prolonged hospitalization. It takes a critical position with regard to the current approach to health care in Canada within the ...