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  • Fashioning Identity: Clothing and the Image of the Syrian in the Roman Empire 

    Osowski, Marybeth
    This thesis examines the role that clothing played in creating identity in Ancient Rome, with a focus on Syrian identity. The historical background which led to Syria’s becoming a Roman province necessitated that a uniquely ...
  • Multus Homo Es: Desire, Identity, and Conquest in Catullus' Carmina 

    Shenkman, Aaron
    The Roman poet Catullus has occupied a curious place in the hearts of scholars and lovers of literature alike. On the one hand, he writes some of the most violent and hateful poetry to have survived from the Ancient World, ...
  • The Root of All Dimensions 

    Singer, Justin (2014-08-21)
    This thesis aims to resolve the disjunction of ontology and epistemology in Platonist mathematical philosophy. This disharmony results from the assumption of the non-spatiotemporal existence of abstract mathematical entities, ...