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  • Evaluating the Functional Trophic Level of the Global Aquaculture Sector 

    Moores, Angela (2016-04)
    Previous studies have characterized the average trophic level of aquatic animals in culture at national, regional or global scales. All of these prior analyses, however, have assumed that the trophic level of an animal in ...
  • Fish culture 

    Mellish, John T. (John Thomas), 1841-1924 (William Gossip, 1879)
  • Quantifying Transport of Aquaculture Particulate Wastes 

    Law, Brent
    Scientific understanding of aquaculture interactions with the environment is limited, especially with regard to the far-field transport and possible impacts of particulate wastes. Both modelling and field studies have ...
  • Use of visual data in benthic enrichment classification 

    Simone, Michelle (2014-12-15)
    Artificial eutrophication continues to be a primary concern associated with aquaculture practices. In Canada, monitoring benthic health in response to organic enrichment is used to manage these impacts and maintain the ...