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  • Clocking out: modeling phage-induced lysis of Escherichia coli 

    Ryan, G. L.; Rutenberg, A. D. (2007-07)
    Phage lambda lyses the host Escherichia coli at a precisely scheduled time after induction. Lysis timing is determined by the action of phage holins, which are small proteins that induce hole formation in the bacterium's ...

    Khalafvand, Seyed Amin
    A phylogenetic tree is a graphical representation of inferred evolutionary relationships between a set of species or taxa. Phylogenetic trees play an important role in diverse research elds, including molecular biology, ...
  • Set-Point Algorithms for Active Heave Compensation of Towed Bodies 

    Calnan, Clark
    Active heave compensation is a technique used in marine applications to attenuate undesirable wave motions between a load and its host vessel. Motion attenuation is often achieved by reeling in or reeling out a cable ...