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  • Spin correlations in the low-density electron system 

    Green, F.; Neilson, D.; Swierkowski, L.; Szymanski, J.; Geldart, D. J. W. (1993-02/15)
    The authors have calculated the spin susceptibility x(q,) within a microscopic model over the full range of densities of the electron liquid in the paramagnetic state. Electron-electron interactions are described by static ...
  • Spin-dependent transport in Fe and Fe/Au multilayers 

    Monchesky, T. L.; Enders, A.; Urban, R.; Myrtle, K.; Heinrich, B.; Zhang, X. -G; Butler, W. H.; Kirschner, J. (APS through AIP, 2005-06/01)
    In situ resistance measurements of epitaxial Fe layers and Au/Fe bilayers were used to quantify the scattering in giant magnetoresistance (GMR) spin valve structures. The semiclassical Boltzmann transport equation, ...
  • Temperature dependent resistivity in the low-resistance region for diffusive transport in two dimensions 

    Geldart, D. J. W.; Neilson, D. (APS through AIP, 2004-12/15)
    The interpretation of the metal-insulator transition phenomena in disordered two-dimensional electron systems in terms of density-dependent scaling variables suggests the existence of a quantum critical point at some ...