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  • 3D Printing In An Academic Library - One Year Later 

    Comeau, Marc; Groenendyk, Micheal (2013-05-15)
    The idea of bringing 3D printers to libraries has gone from concept to reality in the past year. The new service has been spreading rapidly the world over. That reality has sparked a debate. Should we or shouldn’t we? ...
  • Biomimicry as a Design Tool for Sustainability in Burning Man 

    Lin, Shu-Yu (2020-04-13)
    The architecture developed in this thesis explores how to use biomimicry for an integrative architectural element for a harmonious relationship between the building, its users, and the environment. The Black Rock Desert ...
  • Printing Provenance 

    Crosby, Alexander (2021-07-20)
    More often than not, current material practices within Architecture have become ecologically, culturally, and socially inaccessible. This thesis moves away from vast and inaccessible material networks to focus on how local ...