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  • The SCUBA HAlf Degree Extragalactic Survey (SHADES) - IV: Radio-mm-FIR photometric redshifts 

    Aretxaga, Itziar; Hughes, David H.; Coppin, Kristen; Mortier, Angela M. J.; Wagg, Jeff; Dunlop, James S.; Chapin, Edward L.; Eales, Stephen A.; Gaztanaga, Enrique; Halpern, Mark; Ivison, Rob J.; van Kampen, Eelco; Scott, Douglas; Serjeant, Stephen; Smail, Ian; Babbedge, Thomas; Benson, Andrew J.; Chapman, Scott; Clements, David L.; Dunne, Loretta; Dye, Simon; Farrah, Duncan; Jarvis, Matthew J.; Mann, Robert G.; Pope, Alexandra; Priddey, Robert; Rawlings, Steve; Seigar, Marc; Silva, Laura; Simpson, Chris; Vaccari, Mattia (2007-08-21)
    We present the redshift distribution of the SHADES galaxy population based on the rest-frame radio-mm-FIR colours of 120 robustly detected 850um sources in the Lockman Hole East (LH) and Subaru XMM-Newton Deep Field (SXDF). ...
  • The SCUBA HAlf Degree Extragalactic Survey (SHADES) -- VI. 350 micron mapping of submillimetre galaxies 

    Coppin, Kristen; Halpern, Mark; Scott, Douglas; Borys, Colin; Dunlop, James; Dunne, Loretta; Ivison, Rob; Wagg, Jeff; Aretxaga, Itziar; Battistelli, Elia; Benson, Andrew; Blain, Andrew; Chapman, Scott; Clements, Dave; Dye, Simon; Farrah, Duncan; Hughes, David; Jenness, Tim; van Kampen, Eelco; Lacey, Cedric; Mortier, Angela; Pope, Alexandra; Priddey, Robert; Serjeant, Stephen; Smail, Ian; Stevens, Jason; Vaccari, Mattia (2008-03)
    A follow-up survey using the Submillimetre High-Angular Resolution Camera (SHARC-II) at 350 microns has been carried out to map the regions around several 850 micron-selected sources from the Submillimetre HAlf Degree ...