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  • Synthesis and Antimalarial Activity of Prodigiosenes 

    Marchal, Estelle; Smithen, Deborah A.; Uddin, Md. Imam; Robertson, Andrew W.; Jakeman, David L.; Vanessa, Mollard; Goodman, Christopher D.; MacDougall, Kristopher S.; McFarland, Sherri A.; McFadden, Geoffrey I.; Thompson, Alison (Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014)
    Several analogues of the natural compound prodigiosin with modified A- and C-rings were synthesised as were some of their tin, cobalt, boron and zinc complexes. The antimalarial activity of these prodigiosenes was evaluated ...
  • Synthesis and biological evaluation of prodigiosene conjugates of porphyrin, estrone and 4-hydroxytamoxifen 

    Hawco, Cassandra L.A.; Marchal, Estelle; Uddin, Md. Imam; Baker, Alexander E.G.; Corkery, Dale P.; Dellaire, Graham; Thompson, Alison (Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2013)
    To generate the first series of prodigiosene conjugates, the tripyrrolic skeleton was appended to estrone, tamoxifen and porphyrin frameworks by way of ester linkers and various hydrocarbon chain lengths. The ability of ...
  • Synthesis of Prodigiosene-Estrogen Conjugates: optimization of protecting group strategies and anticancer properties 

    Marchal, Estelle; Uddin, Md. Imam; Hawco, Cassandra L. A.; Thompson, Alison (Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2015)
    The tripyrrolic prodigiosene skeleton was conjugated to several estrogen ligands. The conjugation was achieved via an ester linker that proved to be unusually sensitive to hydrolysis during synthesis. This work describes ...