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    A book review [Title] [1]
    A brief analysis of 500 consecutive prostatectomies [Title] [1]
    A calamity and a lesson [Title] [1]
    A case report [Title] [1]
    A clipping from a newspaper of 1882, The [Title] [2]
    A clipping from a newspaper of 1882, The [Title],NSMB 24(1945):11:334-35 Vaccines [2]
    A comparative review of the origin, diagnosis, and end-results in 583 patients [Reprinted from Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, April 1947] [Title] [1]
    A comparison of prevalence in Charleston County, South Carolina and Halifax County, Nova Scotia [Title] [1]
    A Dean of Canadian medicine] [Title] [1]
    A few notes from the general secretary, The [Title] [1]
    A few practical pointers and some case reports [Read at the Refresher Course in Tuberculosis, Nova Scotia Sanatorium, August 2-4, 1939] [Title] [1]
    A five year review of forty-six cases [Title] [1]
    A general review and presentation of two patients, a high hyperope and a keratoconus successfully treated [Read before the Section of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology of the MSNS, Ingonish, N.S., September 15, 1948] [Title] [1]
    A great Canadian [Address presented to the students of Dalhousie Medical College, Halifax, N.S., December, 1949] [Title] [1]
    A modern method of classification and treatment [1]
    A new and successful method [Title] [1]
    A periodical annotated list, vol. 1, No. 2, April, 194 [1]
    A report of ten cases [Case report] [Title] [1]
    A report of two cases [Title] [2]
    A review of anatomy and methods of investigation, The [Title] [1]