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  • The size distribution of probate wealthholdings in Nova Scotia in the late 19th century 

    Siddiq, Fazley (University of New Brunswick, Dept. of History, 1988-Fall )
    No abstract available.
  • Divorce laws and the structure of the American family 

    Mechoulan, S. (UNIV CHICAGO PRESS, 2006-01)
    This paper investigates the impact of no-fault divorce laws on marriage and divorce in the United States. I propose a theory that captures the key stylized facts of the rising then declining divorce rates and the apparent ...
  • Altruism and Innovation in Health Care 

    Jena, Anupam B.; Mechoulan, Stephane; Philipson, Tomas J. (UNIV CHICAGO PRESS, 2010-08)
    The joint presence of technological change and consumption externalities is central to health care industries around the world, because medical innovation drives the expansion of the health care sector and altruism seems ...
  • The External Effects of Black Male Incarceration on Black Females 

    Mechoulan, Stephane (UNIV CHICAGO PRESS, 2011-01)
    This article examines how the increase in the incarceration of black men and the sex ratio imbalance it induces shape the behavior of young black women. Combining data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Current ...