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  • Universal intermittent properties of particle trajectories in highly turbulent flows 

    Arneodo, A.; Benzi, R.; Berg, J.; Biferale, L.; Bodenschatz, E.; Busse, A.; Calzavarini, E.; Castaing, B.; Cencini, M.; Chevillard, L.; Fisher, R. T.; Grauer, R.; Homann, H.; Lamb, D.; Lanotte, A. S.; Leveque, E.; Luthi, B.; Mann, J.; Mordant, N.; Muller, W. C.; Ott, S.; Ouellette, N. T.; Pinton, J. F.; Pope, S. B.; Roux, S. G.; Toschi, F.; Xu, H.; Yeung, P. K.; International Collaboration for Turbulence Research (2008-06)
    We present a collection of eight data sets from state-of-the-art experiments and numerical simulations on turbulent velocity statistics along particle trajectories obtained in different flows with Reynolds numbers in ...
  • Variation in mode of physical activity by ethnicity and time since immigration: a cross-sectional analysis 

    Dogra, S.; Meisner, B. A.; Ardern, C. I. (2010-10)
    BACKGROUND: Physical activity (PA) levels are known to be significantly lower in ethnic minority and immigrant groups living in North America and Europe compared to the general population. While there has been an increase ...
  • Vitamin D and Musculoskeletal Status in Nova Scotian Women Who Wear Concealing Clothing 

    Ojah, Rani C. I.; Welch, Jo M. (2012-05)
    No abstract available.
  • When caring is not enough: Emotional labor and youth shelter workers 

    Karabanow, J. (1999-09)
    Organizations often dictate how their employees should behave through explicit rules and structures. In addition, sociologists and organizational theorists suggest that organizations invest energy, time, and money into ...
  • Young Adults 

    The LINC Project (2013-04-29)
    We spoke with 47 young adults between the ages of 17 and 26 who live with a neurological condition. This Fact Sheet details their experience.
  • Youth Engagement in Ethnocultural Organizations in Winnipeg 

    Bucklaschuk, Jill; Gobin, Janelle; Silvius, Ray (2019-02)
    This report supplements a previous report, "Ethnocultural Community Organizations in Winnipeg: A Legacy Document", that was written in 2018. Collectively, the two documents explore the role of ethnocultural community groups ...
  • Youth Newcomers’ Educational Resistance 

    Nakhaie, Reza (2019)
    Refugees who come to Canada have a relatively lower level of education when compared to the independent immigrants. Among all newcomers to Canada, refugee youth have the lowest educational attainment. Often, educational ...