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Antepartum bleeding [Title] (1)
Antidepressive Agents (1)
Antigonish-Guysborough Medical Society (3)
Application of the antistreptolysin-O titer in the evaluation of joint pain and in the diagnosis of rheumatic fever [From Medical Abstracts, April 1956] [Title] (1)
Archibald, Bertha Ogilvie (1)
Aterman, Kurt (1)
Atherosclerosis, diet and stress [Given at the 6th Annual Meeting CPHA, Atlantic Branch, November 9, 1957] [Title] (1)
Atlee, Howard Benge (3)
Awards and Prizes (1)
B.M.A. - C.M.A. Meeting, Edinburgh, July 18-24, 1959 (1)
Bacterial Infections (2)
Baker, J.R. (1)
Barnhill, Harold Bruce (1)
Barton, Frederick Joseph (1)
Beckwith, Charles J.W. (2)
Bethune, John Edmund (1)
Bishop, Shirley Ebenezer (1)
Bleeding during pregnancy [Title] (1)
Blood Transfusion (1)
Bodnar, S. (1)
Books [recommendations on obstetrical texts] (1)
Boudreau, J.F. (1)
Boulay, J.R (1)
Braine, Lawrence W. (1)
Breast Feeding (1)
Brennan, C. (1)
British Medical Association (1)
Brother Timothy (3)
Bruckschwaiger, Otto (1)
Cameron, William Golding (1)
Cameron, William John (1)
Canada. Department of Indian Medical Services (1)
Canada. Department of Veterans Affairs (2)
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (1)
Canadian Dermatological Association (1)
Canadian Diabetes Association: its aims and objects, The [Title] (1)
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (2)
Canadian Medical Association (1)
Canadian Medical Association. Committee on Medical Economics (1)
Canadian Medical Care Conference (1)
Canadian Psychiatric Association (1)
Canadian Public Health Association. Atlantic Branch (1)
Canadian Public Health Association. Medical Care Section (1)
Canadian Red Cross Society (1)
Cancer of the breast: factors influencing survival [Address delivered to Dalhousie Refresher Course, Halifax, October 1955] [Title] (1)
Cancer programme for Nova Scotia, A [Title] (1)
Cape Breton Medical Society (6)
Carcinoma of the breast [Address given under the sponsorship of the Post-Graduate Committee, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, September 12, 1956] [Title] (1)
Carcinoma of the cervix [Title] (1)
Carcinoma of the colon [Presented at Annual Meeting, MSNS, September 1954] [Title] (1)
Carcinoma of the thyroid, diagnosis and treatment [Delivered at MSNS Annual Meeting, Sydney, N.S., September 8, 1954] [Title] (1)
Cardiovascular Diseases (2)
Care of hand injuries, Part 6: Open fractures (1)
Case report of carcinoma of the cervix the handling of the terminal case [Title] (1)
Cerebrovascular Disorders (1)
Charman, John Herbert (2)
Children (1)
Chipman, C.D. (1)
Chiropractic (1)
Chiropractic and medicine [Title] (1)
Chisholm, H.D. (1)
Chlorpromazine (1)
Chronic cough [From Medical Abstracts, December 1956] [Title] (1)
Ciba Foundation (1)
Clayden, Gerald Rosborough (1)
Clinical aspects of malignant melanoma (1)
Cochrane, William A. (2)
Colchester-East Hants Medical Society (2)
College of General Practice of Canada (2)
College of General Practice of Canada. Nova Scotia Chapter (4)
Colwell, Garnet James Henry (2)
Colwell, William Gerard (3)
Comments on peroral endoscopy [Presented before a joint session of the Ophthalmological and Otolaryngological Societies of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Halifax, N.S., November 21, 1951] [Title] (1)
Conklin, F.J. (1)
Conservative management of placenta praevia appearing early in the third trimester of pregnancy, The [Title] (1)
Corston, James McD. (3)
Coward, Norman Barrie (1)
Creamer, T.L. (1)
Crowell, Bowman C. (1)
Cumberland County Medical Society (2)
Curry, W. Allen (1)
Dalhousie Medical School (2)
Dalhousie Medical School. Post-Graduate Committee (3)
Dalhousie University. Faculty of Medicine (4)
Dalhousie University. Faculty of Medicine. Post-Graduate Division (2)
Davidson, Harold J. (1)
Davies, Dewi Robert (1)
Day, Cecil M. (1)
Death, Sudden (1)
Diabetes mellitus (Melituria) in pregnancy [Title] (1)
Diagnosis of ectopic gestation, The [Title] (1)
Diagnosis, Differential (1)
Diagnostic Imaging (1)
Diagnostic Techniques, Endocrine (1)
Diagnostic Techniques, Surgical (1)
Dickie, Walter Reginald (1)
Difficult labor [Title] (1)
Digestive System Diseases (3)
Dockerty, Malcolm B. (1)
Dolan, Frederick Gerard (1)