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  • 10 Days of Darkness Does Not Restore Neural or Visual Plasticity in Adult Cats 

    Holman, Kaitlyn (2014-12-11)
    Recently it was demonstrated that 10-days of darkness could restore visual plasticity and promote fast and complete recovery from amblyopia in juvenile kittens (Duffy and Mitchell, 2013). To test whether 10-days of darkness ...
  • Are there anisotropies in covert and overt visual orienting? 

    Harris, Jonathan (2010-09-01)
    Two recent studies suggest that Inhibition of Return (IOR) varies in magnitude as a function of target location for overt orienting tasks but not covert orienting tasks. Unfortunately, methodological differences between ...
  • Vision 

    Dinwiddie, James (2009-07-28)
    This notebook kept by James Dinwiddie examines vision. Dinwiddie describes the structures of the eye as well as the diffraction and refraction of light. This file consists of two journals that are 26 pages in length.
  • Word, Image, and Vision: Cardiosensory Sight and Cognition in the Work of the Pearl-poet 

    Hutka, Adam
    This thesis examines vision and visuality in the poems of MS. British Library Cotton Nero A.x art. 3 (Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight). These Middle English poems of the late fourteenth century, ...