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  • High-resolution CO and radio imaging of ULIRGs: extended CO structures, and implications for the universal star formation law 

    Bothwell, M. S.; Chapman, S. C.; Tacconi, L.; Smail, Ian; Ivison, R. J.; Casey, C. M.; Bertoldi, F.; Beswick, R.; Biggs, A.; Blain, A. W.; Cox, P.; Genzel, R.; Greve, T. R.; Kennicutt, R.; Muxlow, T.; Neri, R.; Omont, A. (2009-12-09)
    We present high spatial resolution (0.4", ~3.5 kpc) PdBI interferometric data on three ultra-luminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs) at z~2: two submillimetre galaxies and one submillimetre faint star forming radio galaxy. The ...
  • An interferometric CO survey of luminous submm galaxies 

    Greve, T. R.; Bertoldi, F.; Smail, Ian; Neri, R.; Chapman, S. C.; Blain, A. W.; Ivison, R. J.; Genzel, R.; Omont, A.; Cox, P.; Tacconi, L.; Kneib, J. -P (2005-05)
    In this paper we present results from an IRAM Plateau de Bure millimetre-wave Interferometer (PdBI) survey for CO emission towards radio-detected submillimetre galaxies (SMGs) with known optical and near-infrared spectroscopic ...