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  • Structure, thermal, and transport properties of the clathrates Sr8Zn8Ge38, Sr8Ga16Ge30, and Ba8Ga16Si30 

    Qiu, LY; Swainson, IP; Nolas, GS; White, MA (2004-07)
    The structural parameters, thermal properties, and transport properties of three type I clathrates, namely Sr8Zn8Ge38, Sr8Ga16Ge30, and Ba8Ga16Si30, have been determined at or below room temperature. The structural ...
  • Transport properties of Na8Si46 

    Nolas, GS; Ward, JM; Gryko, J.; Qiu, L.; White, MA (2001-10)
    We report on transport properties of polycrystalline Na8Si46 in the temperature range 10 to 300 K. The compound is a type I clathrate with Na incorporated into polyhedra formed by framework Si atoms. Seebeck coefficient ...