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The Bold Privateer

It's oh! my dearest Polly, You and I must part
I am going across the seas my love, I give to you my heart.
My ship she lies in waiting, so fare thee well my dear,
I am just a going on board, of the Bold Privateer.1
But oh! my dearest Johnny great dangers have been crossed,
And many a sweet life by the seas has been lost;
You had better stop at home with a girl that loves you dear,
Than to venture your life on the Bold Privateer.
When the wars are over, may Heaven spare my life,
Then soon I will come back to my sweet loving wife.
Then soon I will get married to charming Polly dear,
And for ever bid adieu to the Bold Privateer.
O my dearest Polly, your friends do me dislike
Besides you have two brothers who'd quickly take my life.
Come change your ring with me my dear, come change your ring with me,
And that shall be our token when I am on the sea.2
Audio Recording of the Bold Privateer: http://sounds.bl.uk/World-and-traditional-music/Bob-and-Jacqueline-Patten-Collection/025M-C1033X0194XX-1100V0
Similar Songs: Some versions of this ballad resemble the song "Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy". Some argue that they are part of the same song. See: http://www.fresnostate.edu/folklore/ballads/LO32.html
Anonymous. Date: 2014-10-16